Vernal Pool Ecology

Key concepts in vernal pool ecology, including, information about each indicator species and their year-round habitat requirements, and why this information necessitates creative conservation solutions to supplement Maine’s new Significant Vernal Pool […]

Identifying Potential Vernal Pools

Tips and clues to help determine if you have a vernal pool during seasons when indicator species are not present.  If you think you have a vernal pool it is best to […]

A Community Based Approach to Mapping Vernal Pool Resources

Suggested process for mapping vernal pools at the municipal level and using trained citizen-scientists to field verify whether pools meet State criteria to be mapped as Significant Vernal Pools.

Municipal Vernal Pool Data Form

Step-by-step instructions for volunteers participating in Municipal Vernal Pool Mapping Projects. Slides and text correspond to questions on the data form.

Significant Vernal Pool Data Sheet

Step-by-step instructions for volunteers, consultants, biologists, and State employees. Slides and text correspond to questions on the data form.

Vernal Pool Indicator Species

Created for the purpose of teaching field identification of pool-breeding amphibians and their egg masses, this presentation also covers other animals likely to be encountered in and around vernal pools.

Vernal Pool Trivial Pursuit

Slides of vernal pool indicator species, egg masses, and examples of vernal pools in different landscape settings and wetland types may be used for testing yourself before conducting field assessments.

Egg Mass Identification

This short video clip highlights the identifying characteristics of wood frog, spotted salamander and blue-spotted egg masses and suggests techniques for counting masses.

Vernal Pool Outdoor Training

This video clip highlights the key components to include in a vernal pool training session for volunteers that will be conducting field assessments.

Pools of Life – Wildlife

Learn about the basic ecology of pool breeding amphibians common in Maine: the Wood Frog, Spotted Salamander, Blue spotted Complex, and fairy shrimp.  Wetland ecologist Aram Calhoun takes you on a tour […]