Vernal Pool Regulation in Maine – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Created at the University of Maine in consultation with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Maine Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Maine Department of Environmental Protection this document was created to help clarify vernal pool regulation in Maine.

Vernal Pools – Milestones and Misconceptions
Written by MDIFW biologist Phillip deMaynadier, this article appeared in a Special Legislative Edition of the IF&W Insider February 2011.

Additional Resources

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Vernal Pool Factsheet

Google Earth file showing regulatory status of mapped vernal pools

SVP rules, application forms, and related materials

Army Corp of Engineers

State General Permit

Directional Buffers

Vernal Pool Special Area Management Plan

Maine Forest Service 

Vernal Pool Best Management Practice Fact Sheet

Maine Audubon

Significant Vernal Pool Factsheet

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Maine State Vernal Pool Assessment Form

Contact Information

MDEP Central ME Regional Office 
17 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0017;  Phone: 207-287-390 or 1-800-452-1942

MDEP Eastern ME Regional Office 
106 Hogan Road, Bangor, ME 0440;  Phone: 207-941-4570 or 1-888-769-1137

MDEP Northern ME Regional Office  
1235 Central Drive, Skyway Park; Presque Isle, ME 04769;  Phone: 207-764-0477 or 1-888-769-1053

MDEP Southern ME Regional Office
312 Canco Road, Portland, ME 04103;  Phone: 207-822-6300 or 1-888-769-1036.

ACOE ME Project Office
675 Western Avenue #3, Manchester, ME 04351; Phone:  207-623-8367

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Understanding the vital connections between landowner concerns, municipal planning, conservation activities, and the ecology of vernal pools will be the focus of natural and social scientists from the University of Maine, Clark University, and Bowdoin College as they embark on a multi-year research project concerning Maine’s small natural features—vernal pools.

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