Vernal Pools Coloring Book

This is the Maine version of our coloring book, free to the public to download and print.

NOTE: Be sure to print it double sided and to go into your printer’s properties and select ‘Top’ as the ‘Binding location’ otherwise half the pages will be upside down.

We will soon have single pages and full versions of the book for the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

We welcome nature centers, teachers, libraries, and other non-profit or government organizations who wish to hand out printed copies of the book to ask for donations (we suggest $2) to offset printing cost. These books are copyrighted by the University of Maine and Kristine Hoffmann, and no portion may be used for profit. We have not given permission for other web pages to use images from this work.

About Us

Understanding the vital connections between landowner concerns, municipal planning, conservation activities, and the ecology of vernal pools will be the focus of natural and social scientists from the University of Maine, Boston University, and Bowdoin College as they embark on a multi-year research project concerning Maine’s small natural features—vernal pools.

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