Scott Lindemann

Scott Lindemann is currently pursuing his Master of Wildlife Conservation degree at the University of Maine. He is also working with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on the Maine Amphibian and Reptile Atlas Project, searching for reptile and amphibian species throughout the state of Maine to enhance our understanding of their ranges. His work will take him from Downeast Maine to the North Woods in search of northern water snake, snapping turtle, gray treefrog, pickerel frog, and other species. The information that he finds will power conservation and contribute to an update of the “Maine Amphbians and Reptiles” book, written by Drs. Hunter, Calhoun, and McCollough.

About Us

Understanding the vital connections between landowner concerns, municipal planning, conservation activities, and the ecology of vernal pools will be the focus of natural and social scientists from the University of Maine, Clark University, and Bowdoin College as they embark on a multi-year research project concerning Maine’s small natural features—vernal pools.

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