Jared Homola

Jared joined UMaine’s vernal pool research team as a PhD student in August of 2013. His research involves using genetic tools to understand how wood frogs and spotted salamanders move among Maine’s vernal pools. Specifically, he is interested in how urban developments such as roadways and residential areas influence the movement of individuals among populations. Improving our knowledge of how vernal pools are intertwined across the landscape and how urbanization influences these connections will inform effective conservation of these unique systems to ensure their presence for future generations. Feel free to contact him to learn more about his research.

About Us

Understanding the vital connections between landowner concerns, municipal planning, conservation activities, and the ecology of vernal pools will be the focus of natural and social scientists from the University of Maine, Clark University, and Bowdoin College as they embark on a multi-year research project concerning Maine’s small natural features—vernal pools.

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